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It's probably cleaner in various open places, and certainly cleaner than the public water supply when it's falling directly from the sky into a cistern. However, I wouldn't trust any rainwater for my own drinking water in a metropolitan area because there's so much garbage in the air now. The toxins from vaping and cigarettes, for example. I want that filtered out.


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As to your point about direct donation to the charity, I agree with that method. We've done that before, donating to a food bank in Texas after they dealt with a natural disyaster.

No doubt Mike and Megan will see a veritable windfall of donations, which is exactly what they intended and wanted. I'll put my donation elsewhere.


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What rubs me the wrong way is them admitting they chose to capitalize on the guy's initial good deed of rescuing the cat and get something for themselves. I can't remember if it was stated in this article or another one, but it's definitely out there in the press.

Sure, they need help, as do the thousands of others whose homes and businesses were damaged and destroyed by the hurricane. They've put themselves in a negative light by coming out with their hands and bank account open for more when they could've let someone else set up a fundraiser on their behalf, or even opted not to do or say anything beyond rescuing the cat.

I think too they likely added that bit about sharing the take so as not to appear completely opportunistic and greedy.