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Well reading the article more closely, it seems that the goverrnment has enormous success against formerly crippling crime rates. I'm all for human rights but I kind of find it unfair to slander a government that has rare success against a crime problem in Latin America. Unfortunately it might be the smaller evil accepting rough practices by law enforcement compared to the country being controlled by gangs.


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As a German, it’s a real (non joke) product which is actually somewhat useful for cleanly opening eggs. The word though is a bit of a joke advertising thing, Germans will understand it no problem (those words are vastly easier to understand than you might think, you just need to understand the parts) but it’s definitely not a “real” word that anyone would use in a non joking way. It’s basically telling the prospective buyer: “This is a real clever product that someone put enormous thought into designing and you’ll impress everyone if you have it”. Basically people will read it, laugh, and be like “ok it opens eggs”.