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That was an interesting read. The history by Josephus, which was lost, was quoted by Tacitus, but that history was also lost, but Tacitus's quotation of Josephus was quoted by a third historian. And that meets the criteria for a primary source of the existence of Josh of Nazareth. Being a historian must be so incredibly frustrating.


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Yeah, that was totally my point. 🙄

I say happy holidays, because not everyone celebrate Christmas, or Kwanzaa, or Chanukah.

Pretty sure the cards I sent out this year said "seasons greetings".

I don't care about Christmas as a religious holiday; I'm not xtian and the christos took all the trappings of the holiday from various pagan celebrations anyway.

On the other hand, what other seasonal holiday do people put up lights for in the winter? Not Thanksgiving, or Kwanzaa AFAIK, or Chanukah, or the winter solstice, or ... anything really. They're just Christmas lights.

There's a place for generality, and there's a place for specificity. You wouldn't call the menorah or the kinara a "holiday candlestick", after all. So why "holiday tree" or "holiday lights" when those are the trappings of a particular holiday?