interiorcrocodemon t1_jeeikk0 wrote

I feel this. I hate everything outside may-august and maybe some days in April / September.

I get so depressed on Oct / Nov knowing it's over.

I have small sparks of joy during the first few snows.

February through April is mostly just cold, and sometimes rainy, but mostly a grayscale hellscape of mud and ice and dead plants.


interiorcrocodemon t1_j9v7m0r wrote

It doesn't matter, it doesn't fix anything. It's meaningless fake action.

It's kinda funny 2a people are even upset because of how insignificant it is.

But it's dumb. Have some balls to do something that actually makes a difference. Mass shootings statically went way down with the last assault weapon ban. The majority are done with ar15s.

I don't care why it works but it does so let's do it again.

If you want a gun so bad get a Pistol or shotgun or something not used to mass eliminate people on the regular.


interiorcrocodemon t1_isbydny wrote

Simple, one party knows that poor people who have more difficulty taking time off work, finding transportation, etc. are less likely to vote for them, so anything they can do to make it more difficult for them to vote tilts the odds in their favor.

When they can't win democratically, they will abandon democracy.