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Wow. It's so far from child's play. Don't hand wave. I've had huge challenges sourcing components that last long enough, you really need to do the diligence. Lead time studies, testing components rather than believe the manufacturers, etc. I've been with Samsung, LG, MS, and others. I wish it was that easy.


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With all due respect, you are not a design engineer; you can't just talk about TVs and hand wave. You need to actually source the components and do the CAD layouts. Switches that can actually work for that long, new added wall thicknesses for the modules (for repairability and sealing) and so much more. No, not brainwashed lol, just experienced. I'd like the products to last a long time too. No, we aren't building in obsolescence. Choices are made for life, component availability, and customer demands. And yes, cost. You want a display that has decent performance 8-10 years from now? Might require retooling and making a new custom component. A new, expensive component. Will the graphics chips and others even last that long? Also, technology moves quickly and 10 year old phones might not even function with updated networks. There's a lot to consider.


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It's not going to mean less waste, they will only stop operations in the EU. They will still make phones for other countries. The additional costs and liability of having a 10 year life and repairability would need to be passed on to EU customers. Would they accept a more expensive, thicker device? Possibly less robust? I wish there were simple answers.


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I wonder if this has something to do with Right To Repair. I read recently EU will be asking for a 10 year service life (i have no details). As a mechanical design engineer, I would love products to last 10 years and be serviceable. However, this will have huge effects on cost, device size, and more. Extra wall thicknesses, newly required connectors, little or no self adhesive gaskets or adhesives, additional seals for ingress protection due to modularity, and much more. I'm just being realistic, this is not opinion. I could easily see a company pulling out of the EU, or even the USA if all these demands are forced upon them.


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TIP: put baking cooling racks on the foil, so the bacon isn't swimming in grease, it's just above. Easy cleanup, all the grease is contained in the parchment or foil.