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It would have to be moved really far up. Like around 1000km up to last decades without needing a reboost. And it would be out of control. It needs constant fuel to desaturate the reaction wheels and maintain orientation. Without that it would be spinning out of control until it broke apart. Then its a massive liability.


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If you think about it, its disgusting how short a shelf life so many products have before ending up in the landfill. Factories and businesses making trash with a brief moment of not being trash. We should be trying to phase out any plastic that isnt recyclable and even reduce the amount of recyclable plastics used. Replace with paper, aluminum, or glass. Even if the paper is not recyclable, paper is far more renewable and doesn't break down into microplastics that end up in our food and water supply. Yes aluminum and glass are more energy intensive, but use more green energy to make them, and the cleanup is far less labor and energy intensive as metals and glass break down even if they arent all recycled.

Also absolutely no to repurposing plastics for other things like flooring, benches, shoes. All of that doesnt eliminate the end of life issues for plastic waste, which is the biggest problem. Its just kicking the can down the road a year or two.


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Electric cars today are transitional designs. Still using vestigial designs of ICE cars. The front end of the car does provide a crumple zone to protect the occupants but it could be designed to be completely occupied in the future.


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You should have enough for a downpayment on a 600k house with that one year of saving. You dont need 20% down. Mortgage insurance is really really low if you have good credit and you can get away with only say 5% down.

Now, having a bigger down payment helps keep monthly payments low, but keep in mind you are tying up that cash as equity in the house, and you could likely outperform your mortgage interest rate with investments.

You should talk with a mortgage broker or banker about your options and what your budget is with what you've saved so far. We only had to come up with 24k in cash to close on our house for example.