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It is a neat fact. The area of the world that is at high elevation compared to what we are loosing below is significant. We need more aggressive legislation to protect wilderness and clean up industries.

Big plastic could have been solved with proper infrastructure. Instead they ran a campaign to convince the world it was the end users fault. Plants and power stations that break down plastic are band and protested. It’s really frustrating because a industrial problem needs a industrial solution. People don’t believe more reactors and distillation towers are the solution.

Sorry I rant about plastic waste a lot.


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I propose using floropolymer bladders with a large alkaline salt solution to draw micro plastic into the bladder. We toss them in the ocean and allow the plastic to diffuse through the bladder wall becoming entrapped as lignin structures. Once they are concentrated enough to harvest we pull out the bladder and treat the contents.

I think it is the only way to leach out the plastic. Logistically it’s like using tampons to clean a area the size of Texas (pacific garbage patch). I don’t see another way to treat the mess we have already made.

Step one is treating the plastic we have before it gets to the sea


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I remember that photo. The white people had food and perishables the black guy had a plasma TV. It’s important to think about social justice but sometimes the actions don’t support your values.

Be excellent to one another is a ongoing fight to be a good person.

If the demographic was flipped everyone would have forgotten that photo. It’s only controversial because it feeds the “look racism” button