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Several co-morbidities here and I’m basically where you are. Fully vaxxed and boosted, I do the flu shot every year, I’ll still mask up on public transit, and my work shuttle (MASCO) requires you to mask up even if you don’t want to. Only so much you can do. Of course I don’t want anything to happen, but the Big Guy might have different plans. I’ll hang out at the bar, enjoy a couple cold ones and BS, and hope for the best.


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I’m not saying safe injection sites shouldn’t be a thing, but I don’t see how they reduce usage? Can you explain it to me like I’m a 5-year-old?

Agree on the treatment issue but now that we can’t ship the druggies out to an island in the middle of the harbor, it’s apparently impossible to find a solution.


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There is so little late-night food here. A few non-gas Wawas in Allston/Brighton or on Huntington Ave would get steady foot traffic. The issue here is acquiring the real estate. Wawa owns a lot of its lots. Does Wawa want to spend a premium entering a new market to get sales that probably won’t be like those in Philly?

Also Cumby’s is so much better than what we used to have around here. 10-12 years ago there was nothing in that vein near Boston. I want Wawa/Sheetz too, but you gotta have some perspective.