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"The superbloom of 2019 blanketed Lake Elsinore’s Walker Canyon with a layer of vibrant orange poppies. They proved irresistible to phone-wielding, Instagram-posting visitors, who clogged roadways and trails, trampled the growth and occasionally needed rescuing due to heat and exertion and at least one rattlesnake bite."

Omfg I hate people


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Most of the purveyors of this shit fantasize about the size and scale and thoroughness of ownership and control of literally every aspect of the "world" they think they're creating. It's greed in its purest form. They're so disconnected from reality they simply cannot see their own lies.


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As an oldster let me say...KIDS THESE DAYS ... (lol) are so much better off, so much kinder to each other, so open, so don't give a fuck about gender, ... never I'm the world would I have imagined this possible. (out gay man here, loudmouth anarchist weirdo).

The bigot monsters are outnumbered, they thrive only by oppressing others, their major power, division, enforced ignorance and lies and deceit, undone by people ACTUALLY TALKING about shit like being unhappy and depressed and having at least some people be kind to you.

If you had done that in my time you'd have been whisked away out of sight.

"The closet" is a concept broader and wider than just sexuality. Silence keeps people fearful divided and silent.


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Tires do not grip roadway in snow. All the talk of tech, motors awd and brakes, the limiting factor is there is no tire grip.

If you must drive in snow like that, 25 mph is far too fast. There is no tech above the tire tread that can fix it.

Assholes are all driving waaaaay too fast.

You have drive at the speed that you can safely stop. That's not much above walking speed in fresh snow.

Boston and rural SE Mass trained driver here. You have no fkn idea how fast I can drive in reverse.


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Wow that's nuts! (Lol I h8 podcasts but the transcript feature is great). Thanks!

I'm not the paranoid type but you gotta wonder at how much we are all (all animals etc) affected by bugs and chemicals natural and otherwise. There's this western idea that each of us stands alone! and suchlike. But we're all organisms in this big soup of a planet...


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They don't. Evolutionary biology has no concept of intent. There is no "because". Of the zillions of tiny and arbitrary changes/mutations organisms undergo, some confer advantage or disadvantage, usually little tiny ones, essentially unmeasurable. They add up (or not) over long periods of time. But there is no plan, no purpose, etc.

This is essentially the point where (edit: some) religious folk cannot accept evolution theory.

Order arises from the rules of physics. It's only taken a few billion years....