irredentistdecency t1_jadx6od wrote

> being a transwoman in a women’s prison is no easier than going to a men’s prison

That is just objectively not accurate.

It would be much easier to be a biological male in a woman’s prison because the % of your fellow prisoners who represented a potential threat would be much smaller.

Physical mass is a huge component in the use of violence & one which is difficult to overcome without weapons or substantial training.


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A living wage is a wage that meets or exceeds the government’s calculated cost of living for a particular area.

No person who works 40 hours a week should earn less than the actual cost necessary to provide that labor.

Otherwise we are as a society subsidizing the operations of corporations.


irredentistdecency t1_j3aufi6 wrote

While I agree with your perspective, your argument adds complexity that weakens the case rather than strengthen it.

The government already calculates a “cost of living index” for every part of the country.

A living wage is simply any wage which is at or above the cost of living in that location.

Should we, as a society aim for the higher standard of a “a decent wage”? Absolutely, & I’d define a decent wage as a wage that allows a person to cover the basic costs of living + 10% of their income in discretionary spending & another 10% in savings.

I find it amazing that the idea that corporations have to make a profit from their efforts is considered obvious but the idea that a worker also should profit (profit being income minus expenses) is considered communism.