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I am so so glad you guys loved DC! This was so sweet! There are still toms to explore, hope you guys come back soon! 😎


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Omg…. You’re acting as an UBER?! In DC??? You are an absolute angel but this is a huge no, IMO. If it’s convenient for you, absolutely, but DC has way too much car and foot traffic for you to be doing this. If you live in DC with no car, it’s because they chose it to be that way. Your friends know how exactly how to get around, there’s the metro, the bus, scooters, bikes, rideshare, etc. I’s a the city, there are multiple ways to get around. I promise you you are not rude if you can’t offer a ride. If I were you, I’d keep my car a secret 😅 someone WILL ask you for a drive to Dulles, BWI, and hell even DCA and you will say NO!


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I am sure there is absolutely nothing interesting to tour inside anyway, just a big gray box. Windows aren’t even necessary. A big cloud sculpture would definitely help! Make data look cool!