isiscarry t1_jbj043w wrote

Im not appealing to authority, Im pointing out how obvious it is that youve never served or participated in combat based on your tone and arrogance.

People like you are the definition of a coward, advocate for wars youre too afraid to participate in only to feel like a “good person” on the internet.

You don’t have what it takes, and you lack the humility to ever become the type of person who would ever be useful in a life or death situation. This is why it’s so easy for you to speak so assuredly about things you’ll never experience.

If you even live in NH and have ant contact with military people whatsoever, you would know we are over-represented in combat deaths throughout OIF/OEF, so go talk to one of those families and ask what they think.

You won’t, you can’t, and everyone reading this who served knows exactly why. The OIF generation is getting older now, its best you stop expecting your tough-guy position to go unchallenged.


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Lol you never served in the military in your fucking life and its too obvious. Would bet my life youve never even been in a serious physical fight whatsoever.

Please just stop before you embarrass yourself further. Nobody who has skin in the game talks like you, and if you had an ounce of humility you’d’ve recognized that already.


isiscarry t1_jbivjrw wrote

How is us occupying Syria somehow “anti-imperialist”.

What are you a Raytheon consultant lol? What conflict have you served in and who are you willing to lose from your family to make this happen?

Bloodthirsty interventionists like you NEVER have skin in the game, outside of stock portfolios that is.


isiscarry t1_iuekxuw wrote

Most salafists view Iran and 12er Shia in general as the #1 group that must be extinguished to please God.

They consider “faking” being a muslim as the worst sin of all, and consider Shia veneration of certain Islamic figures (specifically Ali, but to a lesser extent other figured like Khadija and other family) and conducting burials near mosques be practicing polytheism and basically a mockery of Islam.

You’d already know this if you had a competent media class and educators growing up, but most westerners do not when it comes to this topic.


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This happens a lot in Iran its just not covered in western media as much.

For example the US used the general they droned a few years back as an intelligence expert wrt AQ back in the 00’s because he was considered a global expert on combatting them.

A lot of Americans are so poorly informed due to our poor media that they do not even understand that Iran is AQ/ISIS’s #1 enemy let alone WHY….

It was hilarious during the height of ISIS to watch WaPo print endless articles about “the biggest victims with ISIS are other muslims!” without any further extrapolation. The best was all the articles about “Iranian backed militias” without any further comment as to why Iranian volunteers were so willing to go fight ISIS in the first place…