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it's always a superiority complex - apply some critical thinking

People on this website are constantly trying to belittle users of other social media platforms, or crying about how terrible other social media platforms are, when this one is arguably one of the worst and most complicit in terms of political division over the past 7 years


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My time is divided up between the UK and the US

My point is that I don't just walk around as an average citizen in fear of law enforcement randomly targeting me and my phone - frankly that's a strange way of living and an even stranger justification of removing one of the biggest QoL improvements that smartphones have had in the past 15 years.

If I was a drug dealer or terrorist, sure - passcode only, but living out of fear that police are randomly going to target me out of the blue, and then scour the 55000 photos/1m+ messages on my phone until they find something incriminating is a comical level of paranoia and epitomises the attitude of the average redditor with limited real world experience. There are faster ways for police to fill their quotas.