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Clarification: my SO is amazing. We raise this beautiful fluffer as best we can as a team.

SO also has a sister... who is not so amazing. Very spoiled, confrontational, arrogant, and likes to stir shit in the family.

In honesty, its one of many problems that is causing a LOT of household stress. MiL and SiL are like this about a lot of things (they've both got some very deep unresolved traumas).

Its why SO and I are looking at setting up a mortgage. Even a trailer would be better than this situation: at least I won't lose sleep and can fuck in peace.


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Same with my dog. I never wanted a fucking dog. He's an amazing addition to my life, but I very specifically did not want to tie myself to a dog (I like to travel)

Stupid ass MiL thought she was going to be violently raped, murdered, all her possessions stolen, her house burned, her (adult) daughter kidnapped, her tires slashed and bank accounts drained by a murderous psychopath...

In a retirement neighborhood with 3 churches and 2 schools half a klick away. Police station 2 klicks away.

So her and sister-in-law decide they want a SIBERIAN HUSKY to feel safer. Poor dog has been stuck inside its whole life. Never gets walks. Never gets washed. Is fed a complete diet of dog treats and jerky (thanks MiL). Is given multiple bowls of food on the bed and couch...

And SURPRISE! This high-energy working dog is going nuts. With zero guidance or structured training, he tears apart the house everytime he's alone. He eats food off the counter. Muddy pawprints on all the furniture. Goes through the trash...

Because they don't want to crate him, or muzzle, or train, or even feed properly. So in sympathy, I start taking him out for walks and doing training sessions.
Get him potty trained, and teach him what toys are...

Now he's "my" dog and I'm constantly getting blamed for all the misbehavior that they reward.

I love the furry demon. Swear to God, he's a little ball of exactly what I need.

But fucking hell... is this what I should expect from my MiL when I actually have children?