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for sure. It's obviously in the interest of anyone who wants to, like, send more than one thing to space.

At scale, there are too many who won't pick up after themselves unless required. It could / should have been done earlier. This effort towards functioning, enforced international regulation is sorely needed.


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Psychological Health, Well-Being, and the Mind-Heart-Body Connection: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association

>However, specific emotional experiences have distinct neurobiological and behavioral features, and they uniquely contribute to [Cardio Vascular Disease] risk

I'm a little iffy on "uniquely," as mental health is physical health, and there are other connections. The endocrine system jumps out. The mind and body are, like, fundamentally the same thing.

Glad people have been investigating this. Glad the American Heart Association is issuing evidence-backed guidance that cardiovascular specialists can't ignore mental health.


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At scale, crop price doesn't reflect the actual cost. It could be a net benefit to give up some production density / yield for stuff like improving resource efficiency, reducing polluted runoff, decreasing pesticide use, prolonging pesticide effectiveness, and even nutritional quality. Without subsidization though, the impact of increasing food prices is regressively disproportionate. Also, getting the industry to behave itself is a goddamn nightmare.


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Clickbait Title.

  • Not a discovery.
  • Not a fluke.
  • Ancient in origin, but still in use.

Planting more than one type of thing in the same field is an established practice with various benefits. Established, like, probably around the invention of agriculture established.


Cereal species mixtures: an ancient practice with potential for climate resilience. A review

>[…]the sowing of maslins, or cereal species mixtures, was formerly widespread in Eurasia and Northern Africa and continues to be employed by smallholder farmers in the Caucasus, Greek Islands, and the Horn of Africa, where they may represent a risk management strategy for climate variability.


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I dunno about the classification of dog memory and dream memory.

Dreams are the brain's maintenance cycle. They aren't passive like a movie and they don't need to make ANY sense. A squirrel can just appear or something that reminds them of a squirrel.

Squirrel, therefore chase. Chase therefore ball. Ball therefore swim. Wet therefore shake…