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"Water" is not elemental. It's made from two hydrogens and an oxygen (H2O).

The H and O elemental atoms are conserved no matter what the earth's biochemistry does. But they can be separated from each other easily, and different Hs and Os can come together from other sources and processes to make "new" water.


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Reply to comment by NNovis in What color are cancer cells? by jennlara

Agree with this. Just want to add two things:

Advanced stage cancer tumors can become necrotic which can lead to discoloration.

And the common skin cancer melanoma means 'cancer arising in melanocytes' which are melanin-pigment producing cells. So these skin cancers (pathological overgrowth of melanocytes) often do look very dark or black, regardless of your normal skin tone.


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Plenty of blood mass, easy to handle and house, widely available.

It is possible for a human to immunize themselves against venom by injected low, dilute doses over time. But you risk (1) venom related toxicity, or (2) venom allergic sensitization. It's also just deeply impractical, dangerous in ways medicine does not accept for a reasonable risk to volunteers, and takes a long time to do safely (multiple small doses > one dose)


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For truly placebo controlled trials where standard of care is either absent or provided to both the test and control group, some studies will use a "crossover" design where participants who received placebo in the first phase of the trial will be offered the active drug in a second phase of the study. So all participants get the drug but the longitudinal data collection is the real test of efficacy (looking for inflections).

Please do be aware that Ivermectin has been reproducibly shown to have no effect against COVID 19 when put to well designed clinical trials.