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Put the comments together then I don't understand. I agree there are predators. My only point for an increase is based on cost increase not greed. OPs rate going up 6-10% is on par with actual cost increases. There's nothing to do about that. 40% move until there's some form of enforceable rent control


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See my comment below. It's not all about appreciation in value but the cost of maintaining the property. A $100ish increase a month is netting a landlord no income increase. Would you expect they just eat that as a loss? If I owned properties and had a good tenant I'd do the same thing. Explain the cost going up, even lay out exactly the increases and say I'd like you to stay but this is what it costs this year more now.

If you don't like it I guess you could go live in a tent and pay nothing, I don't know what your ideal solution is here


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I agree there are too many slumlords and abusers of the system but It's not always in someone's interest to buy.

I would never move to a new city and buy without living there for a year and assessing the areas. College students aren't going to buy a house to go to school for a few years. People who have catastrophic damages at their homes need to rent somewhere while repairs happen (insurance pays for the rental). Safety concerns with a spouse or live in partner creating the need to move out and rent.

Your blanket statement is asinine.

Obligatory, not a landlord


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Yes it was an inconvenience, especially considering if it was supposedly for my, as a pedestrian, benefit. I previously watched someone walk with the crosswalk thru the dicks running the light and thankfully they were unharmed but one of the cyclists tripped themselves up and crashed avoiding them. It does neither any benefit to do lawless things like this


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It's not me against people having fun. It's more about people obeying the current laws and not using this as a guise that it's somehow going to change drivers actions or laws for pedestrian and bicyclists protections.

There are legitimate ways to get things changed if that's really what the point is


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So intentionally look like morons blocking streets to draw attention to drivers hitting others with no real other presence to advertise that fact? No. They are just out to be assholes because of the issue. Nothing they are doing otherwise is helping the issue.

No one calls their organization a bully with the actual intent of resolving something?


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There's no aggregate organized group of vehicle drivers set to intentionally break laws like the bullies that I'm aware of.

I personally always give way to pedestrians and cyclists in the right of way and crosswalks when the lights are in their favor and don't park in bike lanes.

Point deducted


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Can someone explain how these ghost kitchens are monitored by the health department? Nothing comes up for this place when I search for it.



There is one for Sugar Shack/Luther Burger though.



I also checked the State Corporation Commission for an entity by this name, nothing. I know restaurants often have a LLC owner different than the name on the front though so that's no surprise.