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It really is a win win. People always point to the safe streets guy who was dealing as a failure of the whole system while arguing for more police and ignoring the myriad situations where police have broken the law.

This is, imo, one of the best ways to handle violence. Get community members to intervene in communities where they live and know people.


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>Irsay's verbal abuse of his players after a loss in a final preseason match to the Detroit Lions at the Pontiac Silverdome on September 2, 1976, led to head coach Ted Marchibroda's resignation three days later on September 5. Marchibroda was also at odds with Thomas over player personnel decisions. He was rehired two days later on September 7 after offensive and defensive coordinators Whitey Dovell and Maxie Baughan threatened to quit and the players considered boycotting practice, all in support of Marchibroda.[7][8]

>Irsay's dysfunctional relationships with certain players in contract disputes and coaches accelerated the Colts' on-field decline in the ensuing years. He was accused of bad faith bargaining and racial discrimination by running back Lydell Mitchell who was eventually sent to the San Diego Chargers on August 23, 1978.[9] Defensive end John Dutton contended that Irsay had spread "too many lies" about him and sat out the early part of the 1979 campaign while demanding a trade. He added, "I don't think he cares about the team, it's just a toy to him."[10] Dutton was dealt to the Dallas Cowboys on October 9, 1979.[11] Irsay also continually second-guessed Marchibroda.[12]

Also let's not forget irsay showing up on TV wasted drunk yelling about how this was his team and if he was gonna move it he would say so.

Irsay was a fucking shitbag. The city was trying to keep a beloved team in town that was beneficial to the city but irsay was a greedy shitbag prick.

He had years of shitty erratic behavior before he snuck away in the knight. Blame the city all you want but they were only acting in the interest of the residents (an often far cry from the leadership of today)


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Wiley Gunters- great beer selection both on tap and in cans. Also quality bar food

Barflys- amazing whiskey selection and super knowledgeable bartenders and owner (seriously they have been invited to and get special casks from distilleries because of how much whiskey they eml)


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They are going to realize in 10 or 20 years when their viewership is abysmally low. Baseball is already a hard sell to kids who grew up with constant access to everything. Goos luck getting them to buy MLB packages to watch a slow paced technical game.


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Yup.i haven't watched an Os game on TV in about 5 years thanks to masns bullshit.

The NFL plays a vast majority of their games over the air and the ones that aren't are easily accessible on widely used streaming services.

Meanwhile MLB allows shit like MASN to exist and blacks out games.

When I lived 2 miles from the stadium I had no ways to watch the Os without satellite or cable.

I went from watching about 90% of Os games a season to watching 0 games in a matter of a few years and now my 6 and 3 year old never see Os games and likely will grow up with very little connection to baseball.

So we'll done MASN and MLB you are killing your own fucking sport you morons.


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Yeah its clean harbors. And as I said above I'm not flat out against this I just want assurances that what the city gets for treatment and release into the environment is something they can handle. We don't have a great track record, especially in recent years with massive issues that have already hurt our waterways. If we end up getting anything more than near potable water I have concerns with what we dump back out.


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My line of thinking is that I want this process to be transparent and I want them to have backup plans in place.

If this were a few years ago I would, perhaps naively, be more laid back about it but based on the multitude of failures in our wastewater treatment over the last few years I have less trust in them to manage this process in a safe way.

I dont think the sky is falling and I assume that smarter people than me have a plan to get this done right but given our track record I want those plans made public and I want multiple experts in the field to back up those plans and our systems capabilities before we start dumping dangerous chemicals into our fragile ecosystem.


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Doesn't help that one of the articles was titled "Ohio wastewater is coming to baltimore". While that's technically true it made it sound like it was flowing in a river or leaching into groundwater.

How hard would it have been to say Ohio wastewater being shipped to Baltimore for treatment.


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It is more dangerous than the millions of gallons of waste water treated every day.

We don't treat vinyl chloride daily.

Doesn't mean we can't and might not mean we shouldn't but acting like this is the same as the water we always treat is way off the mark. This water is contaminated with a dangerous chemical that in enough quantities could drastically harm our waterways, wildlife and/or people.


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The view is the least of the problems. Wind turbines in the harbor would produce hardly any electricity. Aside from the lack of consistent wind there just isn't space. Wind farms usually have dozens if not hundreds of turbines each hundreds of yards apart. There isn't enough space for any of that at all in or around baltimore.

I'd much rather see a huge push for solar panels. Grants and subsidies to cover every building in the city would make a much bigger impact.


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Reply to comment by soph_lurk_2018 in Payday loan? by [deleted]

That's not technically true.

MD just restricts the amount of interest a payday loan company can apply. For a loan up to $1000 the max is 24% or 2%/month. It changes as the loan amount increases.



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I just read, and hadn't heard this before, thay his wife is likely culpable in some parts of his theft/embezzlement/fraud from before they were married but they married when the investigation started which gave her spousal immunity.

Sounds like she's just as much of a scumbag as he is.


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He was offered $133 million guaranteed but the total was $250 million. That total was more than any other player and the guaranteed put him at the third highest guarantee ever given.

Hard to look at this and not see greed, IMO.

I'm all for players fighting to get good deals but when you put a whole team and city in limbo over it it leaves a bad taste in a lot of fans mouths, myself included. I'd love for Lamar to play here since he is one of the most exciting players in the league but I don't want it to cost the team any chance at getting other players and I'm already annoyed it hasn't worked out for 2 years.