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They told me Eversource rejected the rate. So constellation put it through again and said a number of people got that email and they are looking into it. I had a confirmation # with the 13.1 rate and she said that would go through.


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Jud.ct.gov has a page full of resources. Get a lawyer lined up. Cwealf.org (ct women legal) is a non-profit that css as n help connect you to a lawyer. Having a therapist for myself and the kids really helped us get through it and come out better for it. I would ask a lawyer asap about the financial piece and if you should start lining up employment. Better to get legal answers than guess or wait. I wish you well.


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Try coming to CT and doing the commute from New Haven area and then somewhere around Manchester the next day. Probably have LinkedIn open while riding the train - I can’t imagine you would still consider it 2x week.