jackietreehorn313 t1_jdiltgk wrote

No need to apologize. If your job is in the Long Branch area, Toms River will be fine geographically. As you pointed out, it’s mainly retiree places. I worked in Toms River for a while and commuted from North Jersey and I loathed it. I wasn’t able to find a place there that fit my needs. Wish you and your roommate best of luck!


jackietreehorn313 t1_jdi4ri8 wrote

I get it, I don’t wanna live with strangers either, thankfully I never had to get a roommate. Your commute is going to be awful, and the costs of tolls, gasoline, vehicle wear and tear are going to eat up any meaningful savings on rent. I’m really confused on how you think Edison and Toms River are the same distance to your job, are you considering Monmouth as North Jersey? Because it’s definitely not…. You say North Jersey, people here are assuming you’re talking about Essex/Hudson/Bergen.