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Go to energizect.com and click on "Supplier Rate FInder"

This will show you all of the alternative and their rates, lock-in periods, and REC percentage.

I chose Think Energy, and it was as simple as clicking the Enroll link, and filling out a form. I had to look closely at my bill to find some of the thinks they needed like billing cycle and name key, but it took all of 5 minutes.


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So, given the responses here, I took the plunge with "Think Energy!"

The process was seamless and it does not look like I will have to wait two weeks or anything; according to what I am seeing, it is all done. Specifically, after the last step (click the link in your email to verify...), I got a page that said my bill should be switched within 1-2 billing cycles.


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I'd give this comment an award if I had one lying around. Specifically, for the "put a note on your calendar" bit.
I am amazed at the number of people that don't know this little trick. I do this for everything: DL expiration, scheduling annual/bi-annual appointments, etc.