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It honestly is unnerving how dangerous it has gotten. My one friend moved into his new house and found people squatting inside. He called the police but they said "too bad," and the squatters keep eating his cereal and looking at him. I also have ten friends that were robbed and murdered at VMFA- believe it or not- all separate occasions. At the last funeral the grieving family stole my catalytic convertor. I've just about had enough. /s


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Is it possible that the driver knows that you are staying on from the end of one route to the beginning of another (when it loops around) and that they don't necessarily always loop around? Like say their shift ends or they have a break and another bus take over the route. I don't ride that much but it doesn't seem totally unreasonable that they would consider each direction a separate route, and have a reason or policy against letting people just stay on.


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Hi! My partner and I are planning a move, and Richmond is currently our #1 choice! We are curious about safety in the Fan neighborhood, and whether we can find something that fits our budget. We are both remote DC workers, and have a cash budget of up to 900k for a starter home, maybe more if we finance :) Where is the best brunch in RVA? Also, how is the school district? We are currently DINK, and if we do have children we will probably send them to private school- I am only asking really because I hate poor children and want to talk about it. Thank you, we cannot wait to make Richmond our forever home!


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Not saying anything about OP, but some people are struggling here. Most apartments require that you make 3-4 (some I think are even shooting for five) times your rent in income. Doing the math here, this person as a student would need an income, or equivalent spending power, of 72-100K a year. So imagine that you're a teacher that makes like 50-k a year and have already been displaced, and you see this.

Fortunately this puts the OP in a pretty high-end range of apartments if they exhaust their budget, so maybe they won't displace someone who is struggling, directly. And who knows, maybe they are going back to school for a second career and are already independently wealthy, but that's kind of not likely the case.


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My car is a bicycle, which place has bike racks, dogwood or diversity? Or somewhere to lock up, not a rack necessarily.

Edit- thanks all I ended up going to diversity and locked up to a sign post because I had to stop by kroger. But I probably could have ridden to dogwood/town, voted, ridden back and done my shopping in the amount of time I waited in line there.


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I am freelance, when I was looking to take care of a back-tax situation a few months ago- Marcus ( I think) at paramount tax was the only guy that responded within a week, and he called me back the same day. He was very easy to work with and we got the situation sorted out quickly. I'll be going with him every time, just because he made it really easy and low-stress.