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I have mixed feelings.

On one hand, I think it is good that people have an avenue to purchase and consume within the boundary of state law.

On the other hand, marijuana at dispensaries is priced obscenely high and that may encourage some lower earners to purchase from the black market. I also think medical patients are getting a shit end of the deal - they helped establish some of the groundwork for businesses taking advantage of legalization, are still paying a premium and are not allowed to grow a plant at home for medical or personal use.

That said, I'm not sure if it is a failure or a success but I think NJ could do better for it's taxpayers instead of making it what seems to be a luxury item for those who can afford it.


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Call them and let them know. Maybe be proactive and update your account with your new license plate -- I'm assuming that was the discrepancy, and let them know you did that as well.

In the past I've had to do this because new cars in the family were not added to the EZ Pass account and for some reason the transponder didn't read at the toll booth. The car driven was registered to the owner of the EZPass account so it was a non-issue.


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Lol, funny thing is - you're in NEW JERSEY.

  1. Many people drive like assholes, it's what we do - and many out of staters f* up our flow - like PA drivers that drive the speed limit in the passing lane, causing bottleneck traffic jams.
  2. The person honking was probably already late and wanted to make the light. They don't care about arriving safely or on time - all they see is the car in front of them NOT moving. Like a bird that shits on your car, it's not a complex mentality.
  3. Ranting here isn't going to harvest much support because it's NEW JERSEY. The same asshole that laid on the horn would probably slam on their brakes if you were driving behind them too close.

Heck, I'll probably be downvoted to hell too - and I'm equally annoyed by people who overuse the horn, but, f* 'em - they're behind me and they can wait.