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I figured as much, I did look at this actually. Hello Fresh is extremely friendly with all the data they provide on their website, you can actually tell if an offer is intended for new users only or not purely based on their api responses.


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You can use a standard author license for $9, it’s not as clear of an option but it’s there. Quicksight is good IMO, a little learning curve and maybe not as “visually” inclined as tableau but it’s an option that integrates well with sources and is quick to produce.


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This is something I’ve considered as an extension of this is the track their offers and compare them to determine which offers the best discount. Since they offer return discounts and stuff it seems you can just bounce deal to deal and eat cheap $$$


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For anyone inquiring about “Asian Recipes”, or “European Recipes” and their more specific counterparts, this is just how they make it on their side. They’re saying that dish is “Asian like”, or “European like”. That’s why there’s both and they store it as such.