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The study depended, in part, on the ACLU's list of legislation.

I found the ACLU's list of "Anti-LGBTQ Bills" from the 2020 session.

It has 52 bills in its list, all which were active in the time period of the study. (The study used data from 40 bills)

Using this list, it would move GA, IA, OK, SC, ID, IN, WA, and WV from states w/o "Anti-LGBTQ Bills" to those with. And it would move CA from with to w/o.

That seems like it could shift things around quite a bit.



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The study looked at " the relationship between anti-transgender bills and Google searches". According to Table 1, there were 40 bills (2 of which became laws).

To determine which were anti-transgender, they used the list compiled by Freedom For All Americans, here: https://freedomforallamericans.org/legislative-tracker/anti-transgender-legislation/


The bills found on the above site were cross checked with the ACLU's tracker

The whole process is described under the heading "Context of current study"

There were 40 bills. It's annoying that they didn't include a list of the bills.