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In 2005, Planned Parenthood was contracted to do approx 60% of the federally funded HIV counseling and testing in Texas, targeting gay men. The reason, the LGBTQ community in Texas trusts Planned Parenthood more than any state or local county government office. Now, these tests are being contracted elsewhere due to the ban on funding Planned Parenthood. The state doesn't understand why nobody wants to test at local health departments. This ban affects so much more than women's health, and that is one of the primary reasons it's being targeted.


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The reason is simple, we only support research on things that affect humans, land animals live among humans and thus are more likely to be able to transmit their diseases to humans. Humans don't live with sea creatures, they are less likely than chickens/roosters to affect humans. Money talks in research since the Reagan administration cut most of the basic research in the US. This is why you don't hear about diseases in sea creatures.