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Yeah hence my first comment about thrifts or used goods. These people are delusional. Although it has to be somewhat because the quality of modern goods is so terrible that there will be no reselling market in 10 years. At a business like that, the sellers don't realize getting into it that they're supporting their own business AND an amazingly outsized portion of the renter's business. No one with a booth at an antique mall is making money except the renter.


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It's an aside from this guy's post but I have had less trouble with the USPS over the last couple of years than any other time and my business is based on shipping parcels through them every day.

I chock it up to the employees of the USPS who are awesome and the doomsday reporting of everything like DeJoy is the antichrist or something. I'd like to hear what USPS employees think of him.