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Everyone in this thread has insufficient fear of carpal tunnel syndrome. $400 may be too much for this thing, but dear god I need a controller-ergo keyboard in my life. Every time I touch a mouse, the right half of my wrist files a complaint. My dad just got surgery on his elbow and I'm staring down the barrel of a lifetime of professional computer usage. If I keep using a flat keyboard, my hands are doomed. I'm going to be in the retirement home playing starcraft with my feet if this keeps up.


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I know this! This was an elementary school science fair project of a good friend of mine - four equally measured bowls of ice, two in strainers, half with salt. The strainers lasted far longer than the bowls, the salt didn't have much effect. Empirically, not draining melts faster.

As for the why, there's plenty of pontificating here. My own thought is that heat transfer from ice to water is much faster than ice to air (see liquid-cooling), and the hemisphere of water had a larger surface of contact with the bowl below and the air above to absorb warmth from.