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Sure - but the point of putting them in the middle of the road and saying that's how Maine should do it doesn't seem to be applicable to me.

Putting power related infrastructure in the middle of a rural road seems like a poor location.

I'm all for solar power, in general, but putting a bunch of panels where cars can hit them seems dumb.


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Agreed. But taking a single picture of some solar panels stuck on the middle of a random road with no context doesn’t really prove anything.

China’s power grid is a mess, and still relies a lot of coal. Yeah, they are doing solar, but let’s not hold them up as some kind of leader in it. Their rural infrastructure is incredibly archaic.


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The only experience I would classify as painless is anytime I’ve had to go in on a snow day and it was empty. I’ve had to argue with some employee at MV that yes, I really needed a REAL ID compliant license. She kept telling me they aren’t required and while I assured her that’s true, as a frequent flying it’s less hassle to have one. That was a 5 minute conversation after an hour long wait.

I won’t even get into my IRS story. Government agencies have zero interest in providing any real customer service.

I have spoke to CMP a few times and while it’s never a pleasant experience, they aren’t any better or worse than our government.