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I get the NBA putting him in the counseling or whatever they’ve been doing with him, I get why his gun video was really really stupid and a bad look. Not arguing that.

But at the same time he didn’t do anything “wrong” or illegal (did he? Correct me if I’m wrong)

Suspending him for 8 games bc of what amounts to some upset people on Twitter is kind of absurd Imo.


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Yeah the rich humans do. But KSA is still a country with people and an economy. You still need to be able to generate wealth in your country. National economies don’t get to just retire (though the Japanese may disagree) Otherwise you become a failed state. And when you’re a monarch in a failed state, your life expectancy generally goes down.

So no those fuckers won’t be fine if they can’t diversify away from a fossil fuel based economy at least a little bit. The individual fuckers with the yachts will be fine but the country will not be. And the yacht fuckers don’t get to live forever. Eventually they die and their kids die and the money goes away.


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You can make the schedule argument for every team. If we’re being honest there are only about 5 or 6 legitimately good NFL teams this year. That’s a weak argument.

Cincy dallas KC SF Philly and Buffalo. That’s it, those are all the good teams in the league. You can make fun of the schedule for all of those teams if you want. The eagles won their division, which this year was the best division in the NFL, by 2 games.

I do know the 49ers got their doors blown off by KC, the only legitimately good team on their schedule so…make of that what you will.


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Mostly based on the roster, their quarterback who doesn’t turn the ball over, their defense that forces the other team to turn the ball over. Their two thousand yard receivers. Their thousand yard RB. Their league leading pass rush, their secondary, their o line. They have no holes anywhere.


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Why not just let the standings be as they are? So the bills and bengals will have played 1 fewer game. You will still be able to figure out who is behind them and ahead of them with half games in the standings.

For the bills they’re only competing with the chiefs for the #1 seed. If they finish 13-3 and the chiefs finished 14-3, then the chiefs get the number 1 seed. It’s not “fair” but neither was Hamlin nearly dying on the field. It’s still the easiest and least complicated way of doing it.

For the bengals they’re 11-4 and the ravens are 10-6. Best the ravens can finish is 11-6. Best the bengals can finish is 12-4, worst they can finish is 11-5. In both cases that is a better record than 11-6. So that division should be a non issue.

Bengals win their division and take the 3 seed, chiefs win their division and number 1 seed with the bye. Bills lock up the 2 seed. Chargers and Ravens take wildcard spots. AFC south is up for grabs and the last wildcard spot is still up for grabs and has nothing to do with the bills or bengals.

I don’t see this being that big of an issue other than the bills holding a tie breaker over the chiefs and being robbed of a chance to claim the #1 seed. I think the best way to deal with that is to tell the Bills, sorry tough luck due to extenuating circumstances.

If it really matters to the bills and bengals so much, give them both a tie.


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PED use should be celebrated and encouraged. Sports are so much better when the athletes are super human.

Who won the Tour de France last year? Yeah you have no idea. Don’t lie, nobody cares outside the cycling community.

Who won the Tour de France 6 times in a row? Yeah, you all know that answer, and if you’re old enough, you remember that it was fucking awesome when it was happening.


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Well no it’s more

“we’re a working class city, paying good money out of pocket to watch these millionaires play this game. The least we are asking for is for you to play hard and show you want to win as badly as we want you to win.”

We’re okay with losing, as long as there is accountability for it and you show us you’re willing to put the work in and improve. Lots of athletes and coaches and GMs makes excuses or act like a victim and take it personally when they hear the boos and that shit just doesn’t fly around here. We don’t have any sympathy for somebody making millions telling us their feelings are hurt bc they played like shit and had to hear about.


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Funny star players in 3 major sports seem to be flocking here (we don’t speak of the Flyers rn). Must be because they hate playing in front of fans that want to win as badly as they do.

Embiid, Harden, Harper, Schwarber, Castellanos, Wheeler, Realmuto, Nola, Turner, Hurts, Brown, Kelce, Slay, Johnson, Bradberry, Gardner Johnson, Cox, Long, Peters, Dawkins, Utley, Howard, Rollins, Halladay, Lee, I could go on, most of these guys chose to come here, some were drafted and chose to re sign. Many of these players left more money on the table elsewhere to come here. Some took the most money to come here. But they all came here. They all want to be here. And they all “get it” not every athlete that comes here does wind up “getting it” and those guys usually don’t last very long here. and I could probably make a much longer list of players who fall in that category.

Your comment tells me you have a mentality more like that of Ben Simmons or Carson Wentz. A person who would take the boos personally instead of as motivation to improve and be better. You wouldn’t last long here. And that’s fine. But if you don’t understand us, and make no effort to understand us, and still criticize us then idk what to tell you other than we don’t care if you don’t like us, but something about us clearly is threatening to you.


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We’re not turning on them. Booing is not a message of “fuck you we don’t love you anymore.”

Booing is “stop playing like shit”

You pay good money to watch multi millionaires play a game, they underperform and we’re expected to cheer that? We don’t boo losses, we can accept losses. We boo performances. We expect hard work and accountability and learning from mistakes. If we don’t see that we let them know. We don’t let them off the hook. That’s not a bad thing. It’s not “we hate you for losing” it’s “get your shit together”


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Not every player can handle that either. People say we’re overly harsh or too tough but really, we’re not “tough” we just want to win and expect our players to want to win as badly as we do. We are more than accommodating in defeat, if the players effort is up to par. But guys that clearly don’t put in the work (like Ben Simmons) or guys that just don’t “get it” (like Carson Wentz) get chewed up and spit out here.

All we ask for from the guys getting paid millions is hard work and personal accountability. Players and teams that display those characteristics are usually beloved whether they win or lose, and usually teams that have those characteristics are generally more successful. So yeah, when they play poorly we voice our displeasure.


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That’s flat out not true. Westbrook is one of the most revered players in Eagles history, donovan is more polarizing not bc of his play. He’s more polarizing because he gives interviews and usually winds up putting his foot in his mouth, and then there’s the whole throwing up in the super bowl bc he was out of shape, and making the Terrell Owens contract dispute worse with unnecessary comments. Those are one off events, but generally Donovan is still seen as the greatest QB in franchise history.