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Maybe I just don't know that much about DeLorean, but this comparison seemed strange to me? They never made even 10,000 DeLoreans, right? They're making 2 million Teslas a year now. They've been the top-selling car of any kind in Norway for a couple years now. Last year the Model Y was the top selling car of any kind in California (second place was the Model 3). They've had almost four straight years of profitable quarters, and are profiting to the tune of over $3B a quarter now.

I mean there are plenty of gripes to have about the company and especially its CEO, but you can't say they're not selling tons of cars and making tons of money.


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This isn't quite a win.

We have an entire class of people so fucking wealthy that they can afford to be CEO essentially for free, while becoming vastly more wealthy. It's a problem different from, but related to, excessive executive pay.

This guy, despite being "paid" 98% less in 2023, will almost certainly end the year wealthier than he began it. Ask yourself how we built a society where some people live by those rules while almost everyone else would be out on the street begging for change off the interstate.