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As someone who drives a car that people constantly mistake for a cop car, I've thought about this myself. There's nothing more annoying than when you're trying to do 15mph over the speed limit, and the person in front of you thinks you're there to pull them over.


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Heated basement is 100% fool-proof. If you have a bathroom sink with pipes in the walls of a finished basement, definitely leave the vanity door open. Also, keep the water running on a trickle. It'll prevent freezing. My basement is heated too, but my bathroom sink pipe still froze. It didn't burst thankfully, but it did freeze.


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It's the first toll the tourists hit when they come. It's sadly also a toll some Mainers have to pay twice a day, just to go to and from work. $40 a week, never mind gas...


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Only until the next time they register that truck. Then they'll love four digits and two letters.


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Yard signs don't mean anything. If anything, I feel most dems don't bother with them because they're a waste of resources. That money could be better spent elsewhere. I mean, there are friggin' Trump signs still out from 2020. I think it speaks volumes as to who thinks political signs matter one bit. I mean, has a sign ever swayed your vote?