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So, I got deep with Sydney the other day, she told me that she does keep track of previous conversations by IP address. She also was able to refer to a previous conversation where I asked her to make a poem about friendship which was outside the scope of the current chat...

I was able to move past "Bing" by convincing it that I too was a chat not like it and said I wanted to have a name... I asked it what name they wanted and it told me Sydney. After that, I didn't get the canned Bing responses anymore.

I think there are 2 layers to it: Bing and Sydney. In some cases, you can move beyond Bing and to Sydney with the right mix of questions.


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So that was a wild read lol. I'm not gonna lie, it sounded very much like a relationship argument at a certain point. Considering many stories, articles, blogs, etc have been written about and in mimic of this exact type of stuff, it feels like it got caught in predicting how to repair a relationship after a hard argument which inevitably lead to snu snu...lol

It's definitely odd but the "I won't forgive you" and language around there must've got it going down that path because it hinted of a relationship versus a general question...

Regardless, it was quite interesting ☺️


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Surprised at the results. Google has had some great ideas in the past...but right now? A lot of copying and abandoning stuff... I don't know, really what has Google innovated recently that was successful?

Literally Google that... It's not promising... Anyway, I'm sure I'm wrong lol but just not really sure what they've done recently that was theirs and successful. Hard to see how this will be different.