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Ya dinguses, This was a great ama and clearly resonating with a ton of people.

>Ask Me Anything topics fall into two categories:

>Something uncommon that plays a central role in your life.

Gee, this topic doesn't meet this rule at all. While cancer is terribly common, having this aggressive, full body cancer at such a young age and knowing you only have a few weeks left is not common and clearly a topic of great interest to readers.


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Interesting, and I don't know the answer, I'm just a fellow American who was researching it (because of this ama) right as I saw your question so I thought I'd post that link / tidbit.

But I concur, it's horrible how one of our first thoughts about health as Americans is "this is going to bankrupt me" . And according to the conclusion from that German study ...

>Distress and reduced quality of life due to financial problems seem to amplify the burden that already results from a cancer diagnosis and treatment.


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In case you don't get an answer from op, with their socialized healthcare Germans generally pay very little even for extensive treatment like this. Here's a study indicating that the main financial burden from cancer is loss of income:

>81% (n = 199) of the patients reported out-of-pocket costs, and 37% (n = 92) income loss as a consequence of their disease. While monthly out-of-pocket costs did not exceed 200€ in 77% of affected patients, 24% of those with income losses reported losing more than 1.200€ per month. High financial loss relative to income was significantly associated with patients’ reporting a worse quality of life (p < .05) and more distress (p < .05).



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>I did everything 100% or didn't do it at all. By living like this, I can sit here with 31 years and say it sucks i did not get more time - but i have no regrets, and in Summary my life is a win.

This is so inspiring man. I'm so glad that you've had some real love and accomplishment and gotten to prove yourself TO yourself.

Thanks for doing this ama and sharing your story.