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Yes I would wire the lighting together, barring any setbacks regarding overloading the circuit with too many lights. But if you’re going to wire it in 12 AWG then 1 20A circuit for those should be enough. Hard to imagine you’d have too many lights to trip a 20A breaker.


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If it was me, (coming from a licensed electrician) I would wire the outlets and switches/lighting separately. Meaning one circuit home run for your outlets, and one circuit for your lighting. This way, when you go to inevitably open something up later on, you don’t have to kill all your lighting to service an outlet. Also you only really need 14/2 for your lighting, 12/2 for the outlets is normal. 3 wire for any 3 ways obviously.


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Profile has a history of minecraft and DBZ posts… I fear you are a bit on the young / inexperienced side to begin to mess with electricity. Just tell your dad and have him address it however he feels.


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Reply to comment by ark_mod in Wiring EV Charger by Loon610

Actually, bending wires to a certain extent is against NEC standards.

Source NEC 300.34

“The conductor shall not be bent to a radius less than 8 times the overall diameter for nonshielded conductors or 12 times the overall diameter for shielded or lead-covered conductors during or after installation. For multiconductor or multiplexed single-conductor cables having individually shielded conductors, the minimum bending radius is 12 times the diameter of the individually shielded conductors or 7 times the overall diameter, whichever is greater.”

If you aren’t a professional electrician I don’t recommend giving advice that can potentially harm someone.