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And that's the best way for a company as big as valve to do it. Take all of their failures which had a solid foundation at their core, roll up all of the fixes into one ultimate product like the Deck that sells well. Too many companies have a failure and just abandon the idea entirely. Valve uses their failures as learning experiences


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>meaning the tool (the currency) works so efficiently that it needs no central bank or federal reserve.

It also means there is literally no one who can help you when you are a victim of fraud. The crypto that Sam Bankman-Fried managed is gone. No regulatory agency like FDIC will cover your losses. Crypto transactions are irreversible. Someone takes your cash, you're fucked. And a shitload of people lost all of their holdings in the FTX scandal.

We can see the results of that playing out before our eyes. Crypto is good for gambling(that's all you're doing as you wait for the price to rise or fall), racking up a win by selling when the price is higher than you bought it for, and then pulling out your money into real cash as fast as possible before the value inevitably crashes(and then recovers again at some indeterminate point in the future), if you're lucky enough to time it right. It's not very easy to catch that falling knife.


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>Epic isn't the victim, consumers are. You (the victim) prefer a single app store because it's all you know -- you haven't observed the counterfactual competitive app market

This is a bad example in this specific instance IMO, because the Epic Games store on PC vs Steam is an extremely comparable situation. Most people very much so dislike Epic Games on PC and it's userbase is much smaller. Competition with Steam has produced absolutely no results, and the prices on Steam are often better than epics. Steam does not base their pricing vs epics, Valve has pretty much ignored Epic since they opened their store.

Now I don't know if the exact same would hold true on mobile, but I really don't see it playing out much differently.

That's not to say they shouldn't be given the chance though. If Epic wants to compete, let them.