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A lot of people enjoy driving and it’s a huge source of independence.

London’s a different story of course as it’s a nightmare at least centrally. but although it may disrupt taxi services & such I’m less expecting it to take over completely. It’s quite compelling that it navigated fine though.

The idea of a car just driving itself, making those decisions (aka the start of I Robot) just doesn’t seem like we are anywhere that point to do safely.

As he said it’ll take decades at least, but it would also require a huge shift in mentality and trust in the AI that the vehicle is safe


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The one thing that video makes me remember and hate at the same time is that we are insignificant. Most likely all of us will be dead when these events arise and humans wiped out before or when the gamma burst hits I’d expect.

All the wars and crises we have over land, and money will ultimately be pointless. We are the same as every other living creature on this earth and end up the same fate in a way.

The difference is for now we understand the way things work, the way the universe in some forms works and can question life and the beginning & end which other creatures can’t. And we feel special because of it, as intelligent life, questioning the end of life, the beginning of the universe, striving for a reason for existence.

It’s depressing to thing the answer probably is there isn’t one, there isn’t an afterlife and we are just atoms and such.. that said I can see why people then find comfort in religion and an afterlife.

So.. I’ve gone down a depressing rabbit hole haha. As much as Space can fill me with wonder it can also fill me with existential dread.


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Have you complained to the company themselves? What did they say?

Can’t really see any agency helping, it’s a book really - if it’s readable and such it’s probably fit for purpose.

But blurry content and such I’d be complaining to the retailer/publisher


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I think for the most part these attempts are all great news. It’s been 43 years since we were last there, 53 since we went for the first time.

A huge difference in technology and understanding from then till now can only help as well as encouraging the general public behind further investment in space travel and such.


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I’ve really started to get most books second hand now, I don’t mean to diminish anyone’s work but if I buy a book brand new it instantly loses most of its value if I try to resell it to get more books if that makes sense? So usually it just ends up donated or given to someone.

Particularly with a new release hardback, if I wait a week or two second hand will be half price if not more