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I think Curriculum could be designed more as an outline of a subject and you then are asking questions about that topic. Different questions may be answered in different ways depending. This would allow students to better learn things in ways that are best for them. Some may need more details and others less. It would be much more personalized.


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Here's a super expensive solution. All roads should be raised at least a foot off the ground and all roads should drain straight down with small holes in the shoulder of the roads. So kind of like drip irrigation. I am sure this would not work for many reason.


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This right here. As AI gets better, the days of reading and trying to remember 500 page text books are numbered. You may start seeing books that are just outlines of concepts and you go through that asking the AI questions and working on that and fine tuning the questions to get to what you need to know.

Now add in AI generated videos to go with the explanation of the topic being worked on.


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that already happens. There is a program here in Minnesota that pays farmers the rent value of land per year to take it back to natural grass land. I don't have lots of details, but I think its a 15 year deal. But once its converted there is no cost to the farmers and they just collect a check.