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Depends on the area, for hardwood floors I don't feel that way and I don't do full vacuuming because it catches everything I'd need

For carpet maybe, or dogs. I can't speak on

But I will say they are frustratingly hungry to munch up all the cords around my desk every time. That's annoying, especially because everything we have these days needs to be charged


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I feel like the more likely scenario is wars are going to happen, civil or otherwise, and nuclear\bio weapons are going to wipe us out instead

..if we don't destroy our water and food supply before then..

Sadly. It's a shame because automation and AI could be a golden age..

But the more likely scenario is that the elite will hoard the golden age like a bunch of greedy dragons


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Mine is not that quiet what's yours? Mines one of the WiFi Roomba vacuum models but it is quite loud, and on hardwood

Usually I just schedule it for when I leave which sure beats me regularly vacuuming myself. My biggest annoyance is how hungry it is for cables, tearing down anything that it's attached to...


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Eh I disagree

The rate at which I speak is much slower than what I can think in words

But more over, I mostly think in multiple streams of thought and images. There's so much information that I can try to pack in at one time

Yes, the people trying to understand me would be the bottleneck... But if we're just talking creating, I can type very fast (love 120+ WPS) but my brain can still go much faster than that

Plus you'd be thinking mostly in words rather than letters. You would just say "cat" and it would know. Instead of C...A...T...


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Exactly. And that was all done within the context of a tribe

It didn't need to be somehow shipped to a different plant just so that they can extract the hooves and re use those

Be nice if we synthesized these sorts of things, assuming it is equally as effective