jelly1140 t1_j6li436 wrote

Feel like it depends on the context. I am very liberal but have a lot of American pride and generally believe there are more sane rational Americans than whacked out idiots (though not by much as I used to). I think we are a country of mostly good but also mostly stupid people who will help their neighbor, but are often too dumb to realize when they’re doing the opposite. I have pride in how diverse America is, and I love country music so I’m a sucker for Americana. I’m the type of person who gets chills during the Star Spangled Banner.

With that said, I’m a complete NJ stereotype. There’s a lot of times I wish we would take a chill pill, because we can get very grumpy for no good reason. But like others have said, I’m very proud that my state has mostly intelligent people who make pretty smart rules, expect other people to be smart, and lose their patience when they’re not.

I’d say I identify equally as an American and a Jersey Guy, they give me different part of my identity as far as I’m concerned