jellybeansean3648 OP t1_j1qke3v wrote

  1. I wasn't asking about our accounts
  2. We're not consolidating accounts
  3. That's bad advice that leaves people open to financial abuse by their partners

And as for the fun money: 4. My purchases are a mix on online and in person

I understand that you were trying (?) to be helpful, but this is possibly the worst financial advice I've ever recieved.


jellybeansean3648 t1_iwxnd6y wrote

Thank you goes pretty far. So does "I appreciate you doing xyz".

At least in the workplace. I have a lot of mutualistic and prosocial relationships. Somehow it's easier to be polite and distant and reciprocate favors in professional situations.

And when people go out of their way to acknowledge I helped or that the work was a pain in the ass, I feel appreciated. Even dumb things like someone bringing in donuts or snacks works on me.