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I love that the excuse is that it informs the person that this isn't the person it's imitating and is actually a computer. Then... why even imitate the voice? You're making it worse than just saying "______ isn't able to answer, but this is her assistant Bixby and" etc. That gives you the same functionality but is so much less of a WTF.


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I was never pretending anything. Of course everything is ultimately financial. Such a statement is so obvious to not need stating unless you think the person you are talking to is a total moron (in which case why even bother trying to have an intellectual conversation?)

What I'm saying is that I do not believe the OP was talking about that sort of resource. Hell, they didn't even say development, and I think it very likely they were talking about runtime. Most people don't use the term to mean "resource intensive" when they're talking about "financially expensive." It's more typically used in the context of hardware resources. I think it's likely that's what the OP was meaning.


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Six of one, half dozen of the other. You're splitting hairs.

And as I pointed out, there's going to be much more hardware resources going on, plus the humans to run the AI. And on top of all that, the output is going to be shit for probably the next couple of decades. So all this is a moot discussion.


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Yes, which is why I said "that's because we don't count the human brain as a 'resource'". What part of that is in need of your clarification?

But aside from that redundancy, it does require more resources. Have you ever looked into the hardware requirements for these AIs? They're fairly steep. Greatly steeper than normal game development. And you haven't taken the human out, because someone has to keep working on prompts.

All this is tangential, because we're not "about" to do anything. This will take at least a decade and more like two or three to get to the level of 3d art we have today. If they manage to get it that way at all. Look up the Pareto Principle. They've done the easy part. Now they have to do the hard part.


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  1. That's not what this is. The models would be generated ahead of time by artists and included in a game, just like a hand-built model would be. The amount of resources used in the game will be the same.
  2. For the generation part, it actually takes a lot MORE resources to get these AIs to generate models than it does for a human to build one by hand. That's because we don't count the human brain as a "resource".