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>West New York, NJ > >I... truthfully didn't know that existed

Almost as embarrassing, cringworthy, and thirsty as "Beverly Hills Adjacent."

Yes, I promise you, that what they call the area of L.A. next to Beverly Hills, rather than just Los Angeles.


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I had just moved back to NY after skiing my cafe in Joshua Tree, CA, where I also did a volunteer work with my trained German shepherd.
Moved back to NY just in time for 9/11 and did work down there and aling with everyone else, or lives were turned upside down. There's no way to describe it... I did try in a story I write about doing my thing with my dog at the pile and at the piers set up for being ppl affected by it.

At the time, the big concern was if more terror attacks every single day. The sirens were so persistent for months that when they finally died down, ppl were freaked out by the silence of the new New York.

Like many others, I became a news junkie and listened to NPR or BBC pretty much all the time. Become habit after awhile.

Music wasn't a priority, even for a big music lover like me. Hell, in JT my place has live music a few times a week with some surprisingly established ppl. Lots of recording studios there and you never which artist might come walking through the door.

That habit has been broken and now I put together a pretty crazy high end audio system and am loving all my old fave stuff, and new favorites, but there's a world of music out there I've never heard that I'll love... and looking fwd to finding it!

Thanks for asking and giving me a chance to offer some back story.


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I'm of course not sure where it will lead, but thank you very much for that very helpful tip. And it confirms the years, since the piece was for their grand opening.
I'll get set up for the documentary production and give them a buzz. Hopefully there's a reason to give them a visit.


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I'll talk to the producer that just flew in to town last night and see how he feels about me sharing more the details or if he feels it's better to keep some of the details as surprises for the documentary. Sorry, don't mean to be coy but I promise look into it.


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Thanks for the sentiment and you nailed it, Peter Max's right hand woman and I think his marketing chief was one of my mom's best friends and lived around the corner from us on the upper west side. We played with her kids and her entire apartment was Peter Max: Peter Max piano, bed sheets, mural, clocks. She used to give her us stuff like bags of Peter Max buttons that I don't know what a single one would be worth today.


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It looks like the hotel is still there, I was mistaken about DC it's actually Sheridan Reston Virginia.

Edit: waiting to hear back from pops about the year but I think it was somewhere between 70 to 73.

Update: hotel opened in 73 and this was for their opening, so it must be '73. Someone passes along some more helpful info so I'll see if that leads anywhere. Thanks reddit


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Understood for sure; still it was a little awkward to say things like, "Say, great owl bead pubes you selected there... by the way, have you seen my mom's piece on the cover of Cosmo or Vogue?

Edits: added link/clarity/fixed typo, etc


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Thanks for taking the time to comment and yes, that's the assumption. Takin' a shot, though. Some of my mom's bikinis turned up in the freakin' Metropolitan Museum of Art and someone discovered them and let me know, so wacky things happen sometimes.


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I hear you, /u/speedycat2014, and /u/alex3m3ti8, there's a lot of macrame oddness out there in the world. I learned at an early age to tell the artist of said oddness that their stuff was really nice and just not talk about my mom much.