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It’s pretty fucking gross when you google him: “The People’s Park Foundation, a coalition of Jersey City community leaders and stakeholders led by Hall of Fame Basketball Coach Bob Hurley, Former Mayor Gerald McCann, Hudson County Commissioner Jerry Walker, and Attorney Elnardo Webster today announced their formation as a Jersey City based 501c3. The Foundation aims to assist the state and local government in revitalizing, improving, and endowing Liberty State Park for generations to […]”.....


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Yah it’s pitiful that such a blatant low-effort AstroTurfing campaign isn’t enough in itself to fully discredit “people’s park” and the rebok turd in the eyes of everyone in town (and in Trenton). I guess the good news is that when his bought politicians blatantly favor him it’ll be clear to everyone that they’ve sold their office and have zero integrity. It’ll hopefully end a few political careers or at least cripple them. As it should.


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At the very least a new East West Road should be plowed directly through the center of the golf corse to allow the kind of free unrestricted public access to the park Firhouse is so civic-mindedly demanding. Fearing a straight road would lead to speeding, I propose very broad S curves looping north and south from the roads main impetus as it tracks east west across the former golf course.


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Every social media move this shitstain makes is a buffoonish bungling of low effort AstroTurfing. How is it that someone with such deep pockets fails so hard, again and again, at publicity campaigns? I guess we should be grateful he continually hires incompetent people to handle these things.


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Be clear loud and to the point. These grifters don’t want to waste time so if you instantly convince them you’re not a mark they instantly move on. But if you’re too polite they see you as a mark that just needs more work in order to pay off somehow.