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I was just going to say that. Rutland state park is very close to my house and there are some awesome trails that go around the pond and all through the state park. Just make sure to have your phone with gps because ita easy to get lost and unfortunately the cell service is not the best. I reccommend using google maps and you can download a map that works when your offline. Works perfect and i promise you that you can ride this arwa day after day and find new trails routes everytime. At least for a few weeks thats is lol. Enjoy. If you need anymore info dm me ill send you a map or cordinates.


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I lived in the Vernon hill area back in the late 90s and even then it was not dangerous. Worcester is a very safe city. There is a bad drug problom but what city does not have that. Violence is very low compared to most cities. Your fine.


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UMass has had RECORD PROFITS FOR THE PAST 4 YEARS. This is just a fact. There are not too many uninsured people in MA. In other states yes but Massachusetts has created the structure for the countries insurance structure or at least what it could be with better federal and state funding. It's far from good but our state has very few uninsured Patients in the hospital.


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Funny because everytime I have had to be there I have only had a room once instead of a bed in the hallway. Having that many patients always suffering in a bed in a hallway is pretty ridiculous considering how much money they make in profits. The nurses have the burden of trying to hold that place together. My mom worked in the er there for 10 years. The stories I heard were absolutely insane. That hospital specifically needs to put some more money into helping the nurses build staffing and so many issues I'm just not going g to bring up here.


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If you want a Boston Terrier you better caught up 2000 plus and they have all kinds of health problems. Your best bet is to go to a local shelter and adopt a mixed breed dog. They are much healthier and you would be giving a dog a good home. Look into dogs health issues before you decide on a breed. It could save you lots of heart ache and vet bills.