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Both of these utilities are ones you can find out actual numbers for. Bge you can call and they can give you an average and likely a high and low and water bills can be searched on the city website. They’re billed quarterly I believe.


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Were you parked in front of a business that has ever done valet? Valet isn’t typically something that just pops up as a one time thing. I think if you can prove historically that there’s no permanent signage and the place consistently does not have valet signs you might stand a chance. If it’s a significant enough fine (guessing likely if there was a fee associated with the tow) that it’s worth the day you’ll likely have to take, I’d fight it.


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MARC isn’t like the bus system where they just disappear even though they’re listed. Unless it’s posted on the MTA twitter/social media that a train was cancelled it will run. It’s much more likely that a train is delayed than just cancelled unless there is another option to accommodate passengers.


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You can negotiate with xfinity. you should always be calling and threatening to cancel and you tell them that you have other options and you quote the prices for things like Verizon or T-Mobile home internet and you get them to give you a better offer or promotional rate.


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I walk around Bolton hill all the time and I’ve never felt unsafe. Just have basic street smarts and you’ll be fine. I know MICA has some security in the neighborhood for the students that live there.


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If there is a YMCA near you that would be a good option. Typically an older age group and there’s often a senior discounted membership. They also do classes that are generally included.


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It’s very difficult to give suggestions without a price range and when you are looking to move. Do you want someone to look for listings for you or are you looking for an management companies for the future?


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If you want to be close to your apartment then you’re better off finding a place with parking in mount vernon. Street permits are cheap ($20 for the year) but it feels like there’s more cars than spots sometimes. It is likely there will be times where you will need to circle for 10-15 mins and may end up a couple blocks away. A lot of newer building with 4+ units are not street permit eligible so make sure to check if you are going to go the street parking route.

I never had any issues parking in mount vernon. Break ins/window smashing does happen. You should try to leave nothing visible if someone were to look into your car.


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What are the kids interested in? Baltimore zoo is cool because you can feed the giraffes for like $5. Baltimore science center and the museum of industry both have a lot of interactive exhibits. Visionary art museum while not free would be a lot more fun for kids than the walters or the Baltimore museum of art.