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lolno, they gambled everything on interest rates staying low (despite everyone and their dog talking about the obvious inflation trend) instead of doing the actually risk averse thing and hedging

ridiculous take bro, banks don't go bust because they're risk averse. smh at your ironic edgy take at the end too


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I first learned that term from Kuhn's book, which I found very important at the time. It was later that the term "paradigm" became popularized into general culture by Joel Barker.

I met Barker and attended a few of his early lectures. Insightful person. He did not misuse the term in my opinion.

It's a shame that the word has been maligned. It's a useful term for which there isn't a very good synonym, making it difficult to actually discuss paradigmatic issues. People groan and roll their eyes if they hear this term used these days.