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Yeah, there are endless reports of these horrendous "programs". I read an entire series about them a good while ago. I think it was ProPublica or maybe Slate. It was a good source, regardless. The one was a ranch I think in Montana and they had PICTURES of young girls doing hard, heavy manual labor that was wrecking their bodies. I think someone smuggled in a camera because they weren't allowed phones.

I just remember being gobsmacked that these places aren't being shut down. I get that parents get desperate but for god's sake, in this day and age to be unaware of such a rampant problem and do no research before consigning your child to this hell is beyond me. I think the one place the local yokels were in on the grift and getting quite a cut of the deluge of $$ the place was making. LE, judges, state rep's - the whole nine yards.


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These troubled teen programs should ALL be shut down. I don't think there's a single legit one. With all the bad press recently, I can't imagine why a parent would choose this path. And why they are allowed to exist.

These "centers" are making mega bucks to abuse, sexually abuse, and really mess up these kids' lives. Not to mention using them totally illegally as slave labor. Where are the legislators in these states?