jfudge t1_j1at33j wrote

I think overall they were a mixed bag. It seems typically that for every two or so good x-men movies that get made, they follow with one or two that are widely regarded to be quite terrible.

X-Men: fairly good for its time (although superhero movies have come a long way since then)

X2: better than the first

X-Men - The Last Stand: complete and utter nonsense

X-Men Origins: started off decent I thought, but we all know what they did with Deadpool

First Class: very good

The Wolverine: I honestly do not have a strong memory of this one, but I believe I remember it being extraordinarily okay

Days of Future Past: also very good

X-Men Apocalypse: disappointing to say the least

Dark Phoenix: never saw this one, but I think by all accounts it was quite bad

Logan: obviously excellent