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Not sure which package you're looking at but that sounds like the venue VIP.....totally worth it to have access to your own bathrooms and early entry so can you choose to stand in the VIP area or get right up front, buy merch early, etc. I did that for Sticks and Stones Fest last year and it was great!

Yes, it's a parking lot, but it's really not that bad. Plenty of places to stand, the sound is good, and they do a good job with it.


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I served a few years ago and was on a trial, but it only took a day. Once you get inside, they give you a # and I was like 7 (out of 100s) so I knew I was going to be actually serving lol


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I'm in higher ed, so if your friends were in k12, their experience may have been a lot more difficult than mine. I LOVED being at home for myself, but my position was pretty much 100% student facing, and my students really struggled with that modality. The job itself was a lot harder, but remained incredibly challenging even when we came back in person, as our students seem to be facing a lot more barriers after losing so much during remote learning.

I considered leaving higher ed altogether, but recently moved into a new position (QCC to WSU) and I think that change was enough to keep me happy and in the field. My new role is not 100% student facing, which took some of the emotional labor out of the job and that helped a lot! The challenges students face are the same, but I am in a different role and have different responsibilities to try to problem solve. I was at QCC for almost 11 years, so I think I just needed a change overall, too. There's a lot more nuance to it with my specific roles, but I won't get into all of that.


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For me, no, but my commute is super short (less than 5 miles), so the use of utilities at home during the day, esp in the winter and summer made it more expensive for me! I also bring my lunch to work so there is no extra food cost, which I see some folks saying in other comments. Still loved every second of being at home, though, lol


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Not what you asked, but make sure your teaching license will be valid here, MA has pretty strict educator guidelines and will not accept licenses from all states. Although with the teacher shortage, they may be more lenient with hiring someone and letting them work on getting appropriate licensure in a set amount of time.

I live in Worcester on a teacher's salary. It's not bad, but it's gotten a lot more expensive since I bought my house in 2012. I probably could not afford to buy here now.


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It depends on what the agencies are. I just transferred from a community college to a university and they took my sick and personal, but not vacation. I believe it depends on what the new institution is willing to take.

You also have to be careful not to have a break in service so you don't lose your health insurance benefits. So if you take time off between jobs make sure it's actually vacation time time from the job you're leaving!


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My house is a bit smaller, also very old (but recently insulated), and my last bill was $350....60 at night and during the day when no one is here. 68 when someone is home. Knocked the at-home temp to 66 when home for this month to see how much of a difference it makes. It's tough! I signed up for the municipal electric rate, but I don't think something similar exists for gas.


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I was in the unfortunate situation where I needed to put my dog down and my normal vet could not accommodate us. VEG was incredibly kind and compassionate. We called ahead and they were ready for us when we arrived. They even reached out to me after a few weeks had passed and offered me information about the grief groups they run. Although I wish I hadn't had to go at all, I was incredibly impressed with them.

My parents also used them once and were also very happy with the services received.


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Electric heat is really expensive. My house is all radiator heat/gas except my bedroom, which ran on electric heat before I installed mini splits. I kept it at 55 and my electric bill still skyrocketed in the winter. I can’t imagine with the rate hikes now what folks with electric heat are going to pay.

Enrolling in the Mass Power Choice electric option someone mentions here will help a little. If she’s not already turning it down when she leaves and sleeps, she should start doing that. Electric heat sucks, unfortunately


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She might need boots. The snow and ice gets into their paws. I only put a coat on my dog when it was EXTREMELY cold and/or snowing/raining, but he was a lab so in general not bothered by the cold. Smaller dogs will get colder, faster.

Cannot recommend Weatherbeeta jackets enough. So well made and long lasting! I ended up buying one at a local tack shop b/c pet stores didn't have coats big enough for my dog (lol) and I will never go back.


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I used Waggerz Lounge on East Mountain Street. They were one of the few options that had staff there 24/7, not sure if that is still the case.